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Back in 2006, when asked about what market research he does to develop his different chocolates Stephan Dumon snorted and said to me (in his best English) “I am an artisan! I make the best chocolates and I put them in the shop.  They sell, or they don’t, I do not care.  I know that they are the best!”

With such an uncompromising attitude, it was very hard to persuade him to develop anything that was not ‘his idea’.  After a while, I gave up.  But then, a few months ago he came out with this new range of chocolate bars.  Now, I am certain that I mentioned this to him some time ago, but I don’t have the guts to remind him of that.  Instead, I have been enjoying the fruits of the seed that I ‘possibly’ planted in his head (although germination seems to have taken a long time).

Anyway, irrespective of where the idea came from the fact is that we are now pleased to offer you our new range of Dumon Yum Bars in a variety of flavours for you try, savour, enjoy and then try a different flavour.

Based upon the finest Belgian Couverture for which Dumon have rightly become famous, Stephan has combined an interesting collection of the traditional with the new.  We have ten different flavours and really, to do justice, you should try them all!

Mr C. Bong

Yum Bars!
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